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  •  March 16, 2024, 8am-12pm is Clean Up Day.  Dumpsters will be located at Upchurch Field.  You must present a valid water bill to the attendee to participate.   

Deferred Disposition

  • The judge may, at the judge’s sole discretion, defer disposition on most cases.
  • The holder of a commercial driver’s license is not eligible for deferred disposition on moving traffic violations.
  • Costs must be paid when the court grants deferred.
  • Receive no additional citations for the term of the deferred.
  • If you complete the required terms, the case is dismissed.
  • The deferred period cannot exceed 180 days.
  • The request must be in person by mail. (If under 17, you must appear in open court with a parent or guardian to make the request.
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