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City Secretary

Amber Cunningham
City Secretary
Ext. 103
  • The City Secretary is considered the Records Administrator of the City.
  • While the title and responsibilities may vary around the world, the basic function is a person who is charged with the integrity and smooth functioning of managing the records keeping process at various levels of government.
  • Texas Local Government Code 22.074 states that a person may be certified to serve as a City Secretary. Such training and certification is highly recommended given the importance and complexities of the position of city secretary. The Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program requires the City Secretary to complete two hundred hours of coursework and attend eight seminars over a three year period.
  • The City Secretary’s duties in the City of Italy are broadly described in 22.073 of the Local Government Code. This broad description of duties is not at all comprehensive as far as what the City Secretary actually does. The primary responsibility is to assist the Mayor in the day to day operation of the City.
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